42 Easy Summer Breakfast Ideas

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When the kids come home for summer you want a variety of breakfast ideas so they won’t get bored. 

This collection of Easy Summer Breakfast Ideas includes a variety of options from easy grab-and-go items like muffins and scones to sit down meals such as individual skillet frittatas or hash brown potato pie.

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If your kids are anything like mine, they seem to be hungrier in the summer. Maybe it’s all the outdoor exercise coupled with the heat that makes them hungry.

I like to start them off with a good and hearty breakfast. But not every day is conducive to cooking breakfast. 

Some days, if camp or work is involved, call for something easier like muffins, scones, or a slice of coffee cake.

This collection includes light summer breakfast ideas as well as a few healthy breakfast ideas too.

Planning Easy Summer Breakfast Ideas

The easiest of breakfast options are the make-ahead ones that your family can enjoy at their leisure. Things like muffins, donuts, donut holes, and even a slice of coffee cake.

In addition to the list below, these best summer breakfast ideas are great for those busy mornings or when kids like to sleep in late.


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For more leisurely mornings, maybe the weekends or a summer holiday, recipes for French toast or egg dishes that take longer to make are perfect.

If you want an extra treat for yourself, try an Iced Birthday Cake Latte or Caramel Coffee while you enjoy a muffin or slice of coffee cake.

Now that we’ve covered easy summer breakfast ideas, it’s time to move on to lunch. Check out my Easy Summer Lunch Ideas that everyone is sure to enjoy. 

But, like these breakfast ideas, the lunch ideas go beyond summer. Many are perfect for your work or a school lunchbox.

Easy Summer Breakfast Ideas

Quick Grab and Go Muffins

Busy mornings call for muffins.

Baked Breakfast Ideas

These recipes are for breakfast casseroles and baked eggs.


Homemade granola is a great snack or topping for a yogurt parfait.

Quick Breads and Coffee Cakes

Quick breads and coffee cakes are perfect when everyone eats at a different time.


Scones never last long. They are so easy to make and perfect for on the go.

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