Work with Family Around the Table

Are you a brand owner or representative or website owner interested in working with Family Around the Table? I have worked with many major brands as well as smaller brands in various capacities. Below are just some ways we can work together.

> Sponsored Posts – If you are interested in promoting content that is relevant to Family Around the Table, I am open to discussions. Some options would include, family-friendly products, attractions, destinations, and the like. This Meat Lover’s Skillet Pizza is an example of a sponsored post as is this post about How To Serve Wine at the Proper Temperature.

> Brand or Product Ambassador – I love working with companies I believe in and the products I frequently use. Family Around the Table can represent your brand in a number of ways such as blog posts, social media, and guest posts on your site. I’m happy to brainstorm other options as well.

> Editorial Content – I am available to provide editorial content for your website, newspaper, or publication. I have experience writing for a major newspaper and have created guest posts for sites and publications. I am currently a contributor for Edible Tampa Bay magazine.

> Recipe Development – I enjoy creating new recipes with products I use and am available to work with your company to create new, delicious, and fun recipes. This fresh coconut ice cream was created for Edible Tampa Bay.

> Giveaways and Product Reviews – If you have a product that is a good fit for Family Around the Table, please contact me for reviews and/or giveaways on the site. Some ideas include kitchen tools, food products, cookbooks, and attractions. I have managed many giveaways on Family Around the Table and can walk you through the process.  Here’s an example of a product review with the creation of a recipe. 

> Company or Brand Events and Media Trips – If your company or brand is hosting a food event or media trip, I am often available.  I have experience participating in media trips and enjoy learning and sharing my experience with my audience. I have shared things from agriculture to local festivals and hotel openings. I have worked with Florida Strawberry Growers Association and Florida Beef Council for media trips as well as Dandy Fresh for brand events.

> Travel Reviews – My family and I love to travel and I am open to reviewing family-friendly destinations and attractions. If you have a place that you would like us to visit and promote, I would be interested in beginning a conversation on a mutually beneficial arrangement. Opportunities include hotel stays and reviews, new attraction reviews, restaurant reviews, excursion reviews, etc. 

 > Organized Social Media Campaigns – I have a network of skilled and talented food blogger friends who would love to partner on social media campaigns. These are bloggers I trust and know will complete the assignment. I am able to organize coordinated blog posts and social media posts centered around a product. Contact me for more information.

Event Sponsorships – I host a number of events throughout the year with 20 – 30 food bloggers participating in each event. These events include: #BBQWeek (May), #FarmersMarketWeek (August), #FallFlavors (September/October), and #ChristmasCookiesWeek (November). If you have a product that would fit with one or more of these events, please reach out! These are very successful events that garner a wide reach for our participating brands from our bloggers. Product ideas include but are not limited to food products (produce, spices, mixes, sugar, flour, etc.), kitchen tools (measuring cups, zesters, tongs, etc.), baking tools (baking sheets, parchment paper, spatulas, mixing bowls, etc.), small countertop appliances (mixers, blenders, waffle makers, coffee makers, etc.), cookware (pots, pans, griddles, etc.), glassware (barware, milkshake glasses, beverage glasses, coffee mugs, etc.), alcoholic beverages and mixers, etc. Contact me to discuss.

Contact me through direct messaging on Facebook or other social media to work with Family Around the Table. I am happy to share my media kit upon request.

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