Budget Friendly Recipes for Tax Day


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Budget Friendly Recipes for Tax Day are perfect for April 15th (and beyond), a dreaded day of the year for many in the United States. It’s the last day to file taxes without a penalty. Sure you can get an extension and many do but it doesn’t change the fact that everyone needs easy and economical recipes.

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April 15 is probably every American’s least favorite day. Unless you’re a CPA, then it’s probably your favorite day. In some years, like in 2017, taxes must be filed before or on April 18.

If you’re somewhere other than the United States and have a similar tax day, these recipes will work for you too!

History of Tax Day Extensions

Why the extension? This is where a little American History comes into play. On April 16, 1862, President Abraham Lincoln signed the District of Columbia Compensated Emancipation Act, a bill that ended slavery in our nation’s capital.

To mark the anniversary of the signing of the bill, which took place nine months before President Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation, Emancipation Day is usually held on April 16 in Washington, D.C.

Using 2017 as an example, since April 15, the real tax day falls on a Saturday, and April 16 falls on a Sunday in 2017, the holiday will be celebrated on Monday, April 17 thereby making taxes due on April 18.

It’s always nice to get a little freebie extension since we all know how laborious it is to collect our records so we can file taxes.

So, if you owe taxes or are just budget-conscious, these budget-friendly recipes for tax day will be a welcomed relief. I rounded up some wallet-friendly recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert, in no particular order.

It’s a nice variety of recipes using beef, chicken, vegetables, and more. I’m sharing my baked ziti which you can use either store-bought pasta sauce or some homemade sauce. 

Many of the recipes use leftovers or fruits and vegetables that are almost past their prime. Less waste and money saved.

I hope these recipes will help ease the tax day burden just a bit. I’d also love to hear about your go-to budget-friendly dishes.

Budget Friendly Recipes for Tax Day

At some point or another, everyone can stand to save a little money. If you enjoy salads, a homemade maple Dijon dressing or the Olive Garden copycat dressing recipe are easy and economical.

If you entertain, you can do so on a budget. Try serving a fun, serve-yourself-baked potato bar.

Enjoy the budget friendly recipes for tax day below and start saving money. Plus explore the site a bit and find more.

I encourage you to ask questions in the comments.

Classic Baked Ziti
Baked ziti is Italian comfort food at its finest.
Check out the recipe
Overhead shot of baked ziti in a casserole dish.
Breakfast Egg Bites
Breakfast Egg Bites are perfect for busy mornings.
Check out the recipe
Overhead photo of 2 egg bites on a blue plate with a strawberry garnish.
Hamburger Steak with Brown Gravy and Onions
Ground beef patty smothered in perfectly caramelized onions. Comfort food at its best!
Check out the recipe
One Skillet Chicken and Broccoli Alfredo Pasta
This Chicken and Broccoli Pasta Alfredo recipe is perfect for busy nights.
Check out the recipe
Pasta, broccoli and chicken in a decorative bowl.
Gullah Chicken Stew
Gullah chicken stew is Southern cuisine at it's finest.
Check out the recipe
A quarter of a chicken in a bowl with vegetables over rice with a sauce.
Overnight Nutty Coffee Cake
Overnight nutty coffee cake is perfect for any special occasion.
Check out the recipe
Southern Egg Salad
Add a little fun to your week with this delicious Southern egg salad recipe. Whether you’re adding this classic to your picnic spread or just enjoying it for lunch, the perfect combination of savory and creamy ingredients will have you coming back for more.
Check out the recipe
Egg salad sandwich on a blue plate.
Red Pepper, Asparagus and Cheddar Quiche
This quiche is perfect for breakfast, brunch or lunch.
Check out the recipe
Whole asparagus and red pepper quiche on a cooling rack.
Iced Birthday Cake Latte
It doesn't need to be your birthday to enjoy this iced birthday cake latte but it's so delicious it will make any day special.
Check out the recipe
Iced Birthday Cake Latte in a glass mug with whipped cream and sprinkles sitting on a blue chair.
Grandma’s Banana Cake
Grandma's banana cake recipe is homemade from scratch with ingredients you more than likely have in your pantry. A simple dusting of confectioners' sugar finishes it off.
Check out the recipe
A square slice of Grandma's banana cake on a plate.
Homemade Cinnamon Vanilla Coffee Creamer
If you visit the coffee shop regularly, save some money and make this homemade cinnamon vanilla coffee creamer for your gourmet coffee at home.
Check out the recipe
Creamer being poured into a cup of coffee from a glass bottle.
Double Chocolate Banana Muffins
Double chocolate banana muffins bring sweetness to your morning routine. A great mid-morning snack too.
Check out the recipe
6 double chocolate banana muffins on a pink platter.
Easy Homemade Pizza Dough
This easy homemade pizza dough requires no proofing of the yeast. It’s really the easiest you’ll ever make.
Check out the recipe
Easy homemade pizza dough saves money on pizza night.
Fried Chicken Strips
Your family will enjoy restaurant style chicken strips at home. Perfect for appetizers or as a meal.
Check out the recipe
Your family will enjoy restaurant style chicken strips at home. Perfect for appetizers or as a meal.

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  1. I will definitely be using some of these…even though we got a good refund. The hubs hasn’t sold a house yet. LOL

  2. Oh, I want to try a few of these! The hot pocket and one pan chicken thigh dinner sounds great! I’m always looking for great taste at a low price.

  3. These are all great recipes to try. I will have to start with the Swedish Meatball Sloppy Joe’s. I am sure they will be an instant hit.

  4. We almost always have to pay in. This year, we almost broke even. That’s good – no free loan to the government – and nothing we owe. I’m always looking to save money, though. I love the granola recipe. Thanks

  5. These all look like yummy budget friendly recipes. I can’t wait to make the one pan chicken thigh dinner.

  6. Budgets are tight around this time of the year. Having a list of frugal meals is great! Thanks so much for sharing my recipe for One pan chicken thigh dinner!

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