Easy 2 Ingredient Lemon Salt

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Lemon Salt is a zesty and versatile seasoning that adds a burst of tangy flavor to recipes. Made by combining lemon zest with salt, this condiment offers a delightful balance between citrusy brightness and savory salinity.

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A glass jar with lemon salt sitting on a table with lemons around it.

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As you can see from the photo, you need only 2 ingredients – sea salt and lemons for this lemon salt recipe. You can have this ready in a matter of minutes and just in time to use in recipes when you make dinner.

Salt and Lemons for Lemon Salt

What is Lemon Salt?

Lemon salt is a mixture of lemon zest and sea salt. A coarse salt works well but if you don’t have coarse, use a finer version.

What type of lemons do you use in the salt?

Meyer lemons are my first choice because they are a bit milder than Eureka lemons. Meyer lemons are a hybrid of mandarin orange and a lemon making them sweeter with a floral aroma.

Eureka lemons are the most common type of lemon found in most grocery stores. They are perfectly fine to use and actually have a much stronger lemon flavor. I used Eureka for this recipe.

Why You’ll Love This Recipe

  • You can use it in so many ways
  • It’s easy to make
  • It’s great for gift-giving to friends and neighbors

You’ll need a citrus zester for this recipe. This is a very handy tool to have in the kitchen and is the best way to zest citrus. 

Not only can you use it to zest fruit with it, but you can also grate chocolate, ginger, garlic, and more. 

Can I substitute table salt for sea salt?

Absolutely! I absolutely love using sea salt in my cooking but table salt, and even Kosher salt, are suitable substitutions.

How to use Lemon Salt

I have used lemon salt in a variety of ways. These are some of my favorites:

  • Use as a finishing salt for various fish dishes.
  • Rim a margarita glass.
  • Use in baking when a recipe calls for salt, especially in a complimentary recipe like my blueberry lemon bars with shortbread crust.
  • Use it as the salt in brine for chicken.

More recipes to use Lemon Salt

How long will Citrus Salt keep?

Store the lemon, or citrus, salt in a covered container with your other seasonings for about 2 weeks. I actually like to keep it on the counter so I remember to use it.

Once you zest the lemons you can still juice them, so don’t toss them before doing so.

Citrus Salt Variations

Lemon salt is truly wonderful but you can also make other citrus salts. Instead of using lemon zest, substitute lime, orange, or grapefruit zest.

A combination of lemon and lime would be delicious too, especially on fish.

If you buy the sea salt in bulk then you can make a variety for holiday gift giving. It would be nice to gift a lemon, lime, and orange salt as a package of three to friends or as a hostess gift.

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Lemon Salt

Whether used as a finishing touch on roasted vegetables, sprinkled over grilled fish, or as a seasoning for homemade dressings and marinades, lemon salt is sure to elevate the taste of any dish with its refreshing and vibrant profile.
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Prep Time5 minutes
Total Time5 minutes
Course: Condiments Spices and Sauces
Cuisine: American
Servings: 24 teaspoons


  • 1/2 cup sea salt
  • Zest from one medium lemon


  • Measure salt and place it into a bowl.
  • Add lemon zest and add to the salt in the bowl.
  • Stir to combine and pour into a container to store.

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  1. I’m trying this for the 1st time.
    I’m a little concerned about the shelf life. Have you had luck extending its usefulness in the fridge or freezer?

    1. You can store salt in the refrigerator but it must be in an airtight container otherwise you risk moisture getting into it. I have not tried refrigerating this lemon salt but a better option may be to make a reduced quantity. I would also worry the lemon salt may take on other (unwanted) flavors in the refrigerator. If you do try refrigerating it, please let me know your results!

  2. So simple yet so many uses!! Rim glasses, as a finishing salt, add to baked goods. I have lemons in the fridge. Now I need some salt!

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