Bacon, Egg, and Cheese Breakfast Sandwich

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Weekday mornings can be hectic. Send your kids off to school with delicious homemade bacon, egg, and cheese breakfast sandwich.

Bacon, eggs and cheese breakfast sandwiches start the day right.

I received product samples from some sponsor companies to aid in the creation of the #Back2School week recipes. All opinions are mine alone. Today’s post is sponsored by Barlean’s, Hamilton Beach, and Rhodes Bread as well as Crispy Green, The Spice House, and PackIt. 

I don’t know if I’ve ever seen my son excited over an appliance. After all, he’s 15. Though he loves to cook, he was enamored with this Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker. For a couple of weeks, he asked me every day if it came in the mail.

The day I told him yes, he began planning his first breakfast sandwich, which he promptly made the following day. A bagel, egg, and sausage sandwich. Let’s just say it took some trial and error. Cook times needed to be adjusted and other ingredients needed to be tried. We cut circles from bread, which we liked a lot because the bread got toasted. I think our favorite is made with English muffins.

Bacon, eggs and cheese breakfast sandwiches start the day right.

While we made a bacon, egg, and cheese version on a muffin, a fast-food favorite, the possibilities are really endless. Since you make on a breakfast sandwich at a time, everyone can have their favorite. Mix and match bread, meats, and cheeses. Smaller breads work best – muffins, biscuits, or bread rounds. You must precook any meat you use such as bacon or sausage. Using deli ham is a good idea.

Step by step photos to build your breakfast sandwich.

Preheat the unit. Place your muffin in the bottom ring, add your cheese, one that melts well, and bacon. Place the egg well on top and add your egg. If you want to use just the egg white, that’s perfectly fine.

Step by step photos to build your breakfast sandwich.

Add the top to the muffin, close the lid, set the time to 4 minutes, and wait. This is a good time to pour another cup of coffee or some juice. Get some fruit, like these fun lunch box fruit kebobs, or yogurt to go with your breakfast sandwich for a well-rounded meal.

When the timer beeps, lift the lid, slide the egg plate out so the sandwich stacks, then lift the last ring. CAREFULLY, without using a metal tool, slide the breakfast sandwich onto a plate. It’s going to be hot so let it sit for a couple of minutes then enjoy!

A few key points to making the Bacon, Egg, and Cheese Breakfast Sandwich:

  • Preheat the sandwich maker.
  • Make sure each part of the unit sits flat on the next, especially the egg well. In one of my trials, it leaked.
  • Use a cheese that will melt well – American, Provolone, or Mozzarella are good choices.
  • Toast your muffin briefly before making the sandwich if you like a firmer muffin.

Bacon, eggs and cheese breakfast sandwiches start the day right.

More Breakfast Sandwich Ideas:

Mix up your breakfast sandwiches to keep things interesting.

Bread: In addition to English muffins, try biscuits, frozen waffles (toast them lightly first) but you may need to use a large round biscuit cutter so it fits, potato bread or buns, brioche bread, or buns.

Meats: Meats must be precooked if you’re including them in your breakfast sandwich. So bacon or sausage needs to be cooked, which can add time to your morning. If you’re short on time try deli meats such as ham or turkey.

Eggs: Use the whole egg or just the egg white for a healthier option. You do need to pierce the yolk or scramble the white a bit. Try adding fresh herbs to the egg scramble. Good choices are chives, parsley, or dill. You could also add some finely chopped vegetables such as mushrooms, onions, or peppers

This sandwich maker is so easy to use, older kids can make their own breakfast. 

Start the day with a delicious breakfast sandwich made in the #HamiltonBeach sandwich maker. #ad #Back2Schoo

A well rounded breakfast includes a homemade breakfast sandwich, fruit and juice or milk. #ad #backtoschool


Bacon, Egg, and Cheese Breakfast Sandwich

Make fast food breakfast sandwiches at home.
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Prep Time10 minutes
Cook Time4 minutes
Total Time14 minutes
Course: Breakfast and Brunch
Cuisine: American
Servings: 1 breakfast sandwich


  • 1 whole wheat English muffin split, lightly toasted
  • 2 strips bacon cooked
  • 1 slice American cheese
  • 1 egg slightly beaten
  • Salt and Pepper


  • Preheat the Hamilton Beach Breakfast Electric Sandwich Maker according to manufacturer’s instructions.
  • On bottom, layer half of the whole wheat English muffin, cheese, bacon.
  • Put the next section down (egg section) and make sure it sits flat. If it is not flat, rearrange or remove some of the bacon. Pour egg into section and add top of English muffin.
  • Close lid to the sandwich maker and set timer for 4 minutes.
  • Once timer beeps, carefully slide egg plate out, lift rings and, using a silicone spatula slice breakfast sandwich onto plate. It will be very hot so be careful!

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