Mummy Juice Box for Halloween


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A mummy juice box in your child's lunch is sure to bring a smile to their face!

I love to surprise my kids and make holidays special. This is the first year my boys are on the school lunch program but I made this juice box mummy for their lunch boxes last year. I also sent them in for a homeroom treat this year. Honestly, I would never get tired of making these mummies. They come together quickly and are a hit with the kids.

A few notes about this project. Don’t cut the gauze before you wrap a juice box. You will need more than you think you do to cover the bottom and top.

Make a few to tuck in your child’s lunchbox the entire week of halloween. They are also perfect for a family or classroom Halloween party.


To make one mummy juice box you need:

Juice box

White medical tape

Rolled Gauze (I used 4″ wide)

Googly eyes

White glue


Remove straw from back of juice box. Measure gauze around juice box so it overlaps slightly and cut. You will need 2 pieces this length for each juice box. Fold gauze in half, lengthwise and, starting at the bottom of box, tape one end to juice box with white medical tape. Wrap gauze around box, overlap slightly and tape again. Repeat with gauze and wrap around top of box, overlapping bottom slightly. Use shorter pieces of medical tape, about 1 1/2 to 2 inches and wrap partially on the front of the gauze, securing the overlap part. I used 2 pieces randomly placed on the diagonal. Glue two googly eyes on tape. It would be fun to use colored eyes or eyes of different sizes. Take the straw you removed and gently tuck between the box and the gauze.

Makes 1 juice box mummy.

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  1. This is so cute and so easy to make. I know when little ones open their lunch boxes and see this, they’ll be the envy of the lunch room.

  2. Monday is my last day to do this… I keep forgetting!! I want to surprise my son at lunch with it (school lunch).

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