DIY Halloween Picture Frames


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If you take Halloween photos of your kids each year, you need new frames for them. These adorable DIY Halloween Picture Frames are easy to make and fun to display.

Two Halloween DIY picture frames on a yellow tablecloth.

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Today I’m taking a departure from food and recipes for a fun craft project for Halloween. These DIY Halloween picture frames are easy, cute, and fun to make. Everything I used to make these frames came from one of my favorite stores, Dollar Tree.

A grocery cart with with frames, googley eyes, and glitter balls.

If you’re not familiar with Dollar Tree, everything, and I do mean everything, is a dollar. It’s perfect for crafts for kids (and adults), activity books for kids, and so much more. These are more than just photo frames. You could also frame a sheet of lined paper to use as a menu board for a Halloween party.

An orange and black frame on a yellow tablecloth.

Why did I decide to make frames? I collect Halloween frames and I thought this was the perfect opportunity to have some fun and make my own. I take a lot of pictures. A lot! I’ve spent a fortune on frames through the years.

DIY Halloween picture frames black with eyes.

Sometimes it’s hard finding frames that I like or that orient the right way, either portrait or landscape. These two frames can work either way, depending on your photo.

I inevitably buy a frame that I thought was cute and forget to take a photo to fit the frame. When you make your own, that problem disappears!

Make your own cute Halloween frames with items from Dollar Tree.

What you need to make DIY Halloween Picture Frames:

2 black picture frames (I used Special Moments Black Plastic Picture Frames with Silver-Plastic Trim, 4×6 in. and Special Moments Embossed Wide-Edge Black Plastic Picture Frames, 4×6 in.)

Googly Eyes

Glitter Vase Filler


How to make the frames:

For the Glitter Frame:

In a random order glue the glitter vase filler onto the Special Moments Black Plastic Picture Frames with Silver-Plastic Trim, keeping the silver trim exposed for detail. It’s not necessary to cover every part of the black frame. Use various sizes of glitter spheres next to each other for texture and contrast. Allow glue to dry for a few hours.

For the Googly Eyes frame:

Glue googly eyes in opposite corners of the Special Moments Embossed Wide-Edge Black Plastic Picture Frames, about a quarter of the way on either side of the corner. Do not overlap googly eyes. Allow to dry for a few hours.

I chose to use black frames because it’s Halloween and it would be OK if the frame wasn’t completely covered.

DIY Halloween Photo Frames are easy, cute and fun to make.

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  1. I love them!!! I glued down Halloween mesh from Dollar Tree. I’m going to put on roses,pumpkins & maybe skulls. Halloween is a lifestyle for me though.

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