Gingerbread Magic Cookie Bars

Gingerbread Magic Cookie Bars take a classic cookie and elevate the flavor for the Christmas season with festive spices already in the mix.

Sweet and spicy gingerbread paired with butterscotch chips, dried cranberries, coconut, and crunchy pecans makes these bars truly magical.


Gingerbread Cookie Mix ~ Butter Water ~ Egg ~ Butterscotch Chips Sweetened Condensed Milk  Pecans ~ Coconut ~ Dried Cranberries


Use your hands to press the cookie dough into the prepared pan. It’s the easiest way to get it even.


Sprinkle butterscotch baking chips, pecans, cranberries, and coconut evenly over top


Cool completely before cutting.

Pro Tip:

Don’t spray the pan but rather line it with aluminium foil. When ready to cut the bars, gently lift the foil overhang and place on a cutting board to cut into bars.

You may know of this classic treat by another name such as Hello Dolly bars, 7 Layer Bars, or 5 Layer Bars.

Other Names for Magic Cookie Bars

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