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Celebrate365 with Pasta.
I’m a second generation Italian-American so I LOVE pasta. With the recipes in this round up, the pastabilities are endless for your next pasta night! I often serve my baked ziti for pasta night. Do you have a go-to pasta dish?
Pasta is more than spaghetti and meatballs, though that’s a delicious dish. There are of course, baked pasta dishes like baked ziti, lasagna, stuffed shells, and baked manicotti. We can’t forget the more traditional dishes like veal parmesan or chicken parmesan. Then there are all the summer pasta salads or the quintessential macaroni and cheese.
Then there are all of the sauces! Alfredo, pesto, bolognese (which has become a new favorite in my family), vodka sauce, marinara, ragu, scampi, and brown butter to name a few. What’s your favorite sauce?
Variety of types and shapes of raw Italian pasta. Pasta with Celebrate365
What about shapes and filled pasta? Cavatappi, penne, ziti, angel hair, linguine, pappardelle (my favorite), tortellini, ravioli, elbows, rotini, orecchiette, and so many more.
How do you like to make your pasta? What’s your favorite shape and sauce? Leave me a comment and let me know!

So Many Pastabilities

Do you have pasta night in your house? Find a number of delicious recipes to celebrate the Italian staple.