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Easy Dinner Menu Ideas – Week 7

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Presenting Easy Dinner Menu Ideas Week 7 including ideas for St. Patrick’s Day as well as an Easter treat to start you thinking about the next holiday. Plus get in the mood for spring!

While there are some areas of the US expecting LOTS of snow this weekend, other areas have welcomed spring early.

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Be sure to check out the previous six weeks of ideas. The onion strings in week 4 will pair perfectly with the steak sandwich this week.

Easy Dinner Menu Ideas collage of photos, Twitter image.

Recipes for St. Patrick’s Day and the beginning of spring. Corned beef and cabbage fans will love the enchilada version this week. The Irish nachos with beer cheese are sure to be a hit as well. To cap off the evening try an Irish coffee or warm up with one on a chilly night.

If your weather permits, grilling the flank steak will take it ot the next level. Serve with the cheesy potatoes and money bread biscuits to complete the meal.

This week also includes a recipe for Cornish hens. Cornish hens are so overlooked. My Mom served them frequently and now I do too. We even serve them for holidays.

For dessert try the brownie mint pie, since Pi day is coming up too! It goes without saying that easy dinner menu ideas week 7 is, once again, packed with great recipes. 

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Easy Dinner Menu Ideas - Week 7