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Easy Dinner Menu Ideas – Week 5

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With the exception of the burger, this week’s dinner menu ideas are one-pot meals that don’t really need a side dish. 

In fact, many of them have a so-called “built-in” side dish such as carrots and dumplings, and various vegetables such as potatoes and green beans. 

Collage of recipes in the week 5 menu plan.

The beauty of one-pan dishes is less clean-up. You may need to cook different parts of the dish at different times because, say the chicken in the lemon chicken skillet requires more time than the potatoes and green beans. 

I’d say the two recipes that require a side are the burger and the short ribs. The potato salad would be a perfect side for the burger and I usually serve mashed potatoes with the short ribs making it a pure comfort food meal.

Easy Dinner Menu Ideas collage of photos, Twitter image.

Many of this week’s recipes use lots of fresh ingredients. That’s another key to menu planning. Using up fresh veggies you may have bought because they were on sale. Don’t let them go to waste. 

Plus, fresh vegetables should always be a part of a delicious weekly meal plan. 

For those that love gourmet coffee drinks you’ll love the birthday cake latte. Be sure to take a look. It will save you money in the long run.

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Easy Dinner Menu Ideas - Week 5