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Easy Dinner Menu Ideas – Week 3

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Chicken, pasta, pizza, and more in this edition of Easy Dinner Menus Ideas Week 3. The desserts are a special way to say I love you and surprise the family.

Easy Dinner Menu Ideas collage of photos.

Easy Dinner Menu Ideas Week 3 brings more variety! I’m still partnering with my friends Hezzi-d’s Books and Cooks and A Kitchen Hoor’s Adventures, so you’ll see delicious recipes from them in addition to mine.

The mains this week are pretty straightforward, burgers, pizza, pasta, and chicken. Where I live we can grill year-round. If that’s not the case where you live, you can certainly make the burger on an indoor grill or even a cast-iron skillet.

The bonus recipes are two adult beverages. A honey bourbon hot toddy to warm up on a chilly day and a blood orange cosmopolitan to enjoy after a long week.

Easy Dinner Menu Ideas collage of photos, Twitter image.

In addition to these easy dinner menu ideas, week 3 have you missed the previous ones? It’s easy to mix and match menus. 

I hope you’re enjoying these menus and they are beneficial to your weekly meals. Be sure to refer to the week 1 post for planning strategies and a helpful weekly meal planning printable. 

I find when I use the meal planner I stick to my menu throughout the week. Just seeing what’s on tap keeps me organized and my family from constantly asking “what’s for dinner”.

Now, that’s not to say I won’t switch dinner ideas between nights. Plus it’s a great idea to use recipes from other weeks in your planning. Mixing and matching menus is encouraged!

Handwriting menu graphic.

Easy Dinner Menu Ideas Week 3


Sunday 7th of March 2021

Wow! Great ideas for planning the menu for the week!

Amy (Savory Moments)

Thursday 4th of March 2021

Lots of terrific menu ideas here, but I especially like that pizza! We always love a good pizza at our house.