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Easy Dinner Menu Ideas Week 14

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Summer is in full swing. The days are longer and hotter, so this week’s menu calls for grilled foods and cool desserts and drinks. Time for easy dinner menu ideas week 14. 

But not everything is for the grill. Sprinkled in are some indoor meals just in case a summer storm passes through at dinner time. Which happens frequently in Florida.

A collage of meals for your weekly menu.

Have you ever had coddled eggs? We often enjoy breakfast for dinner and it’s a favorite dish to serve. What we love about it is you can substitute cooked ham or sausage for the bacon so it’s. a little different each time.

The bourbon sauce on the burger from Hezzi-D’s Books and Cooks is over the top! It’s a must try for bourbon lovers. 

The Alabama cobb salad from A Kitchen Hoor’s Adventures is a really delicious salad for one of those really hot summer days. I like to grill chicken in advance so I have a few pieces to use throughout the week.

Twitter graphic for week 14 of easy dinner menu ideas

Tips for Make-Ahead Meal Planning:

  • When grilling, add some extra bonless, skinless chicken breasts to the grill and use them throughout the week. Make salads, chicken salad or shred it for tacos.
  • If you’re planning salads, prepare everything in advance. Chop onions, lettuce, carrots, shred cheese and do prep work for the things you like in your salad.
  • If you like bacon in salads or on potatoes, use a shortcut. Keep real bacon bits in your pantry.

See previous menu plans so you can mix and match ideas from week to week.

Handwriting menu graphic.

Easy Dinner Menu Ideas Week 14