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Easy Dinner Menu Ideas Week 10

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This week’s menu is a bit late but still relevant! In this edition of Easy Dinner Menu Ideas Week 10, I’ve got a couple of recipes to use up leftover ham from Easter. You really want to check out the delicious sourdough biscuits to make some ham biscuits for breakfast.

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Ham, lamb, roast beef, and even turkey are all popular to serve for Easter dinner. When I did a very informal poll among family and friends about what they like to serve on Easter, ham was clearly first with lamb second, then roast beef and turkey being the least served.

If you’ve never had risotto before, or it’s something you rarely make, try my ham, pea, and onion risotto. It’s a nice change from the ho-hum chicken and beef dinners.

If you love club sandwiches, it’s really a no brainer to use leftover ham in to make an amazing lunch.

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Then, when you’re totally tired of ham you can switch up the menu and try the Juicy Lucy sliders, pea and ricotta carbonara or an amazing stuffed portabella mushroom.

And even though Easter is over, you probably have an abundance of candy on hand. I’ve included a fun cupcake that uses a Peeps™ bunny as the topper in these easy dinner menu ideas week 10.

I can’t forget the lemon rhubarb cookies or peanut butter cereal bars. The latter being a dessert kids are sure to love. The cookies are perfect this time of year since it’s rhubarb season.

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Easy Dinner Menu Ideas Week 10